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Toppik Colour Hair Thickener is a hued shower that in a flash makes diminishing hair look thick and full. It fills in diminishing hair while additionally covering bare spots, and won’t focus on until you wash your hair with cleanser.

It is a known and well known Hair Fiber/Hair concealer. At the point when utilized, it won’t hurt your local hair. It is a hair fiber item that professes to disguise bare fixes and make a more full appearance to the hair of the two people. It Hair Building Fibers are comprised of genuine Keratin protein, a similar kind of protein that is found in your hair. The Hair Building Fibers have a solid, static accuse that interlace of your current hair, making regular looking, and thicker hair when you use it.


  • Limited quantity can give a characteristic completion.
  • It strengthens the hold.
  • It is impervious to wind, downpour, and sweat.
  • It tends to be effectively washed off with cleanser.
  • The item is durable.


  • Hair filaments are in this way regularly called hair disguise or hair concealer.
  • Utilizing hair filaments will quickly improve the vibe of the diminishing hair
  • It takes some training to style the hair appropriately and to cause the more slender spots to seem fuller utilizing the hair strands.
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